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Jennifer was born in Denver Colorado, currently a resident of New Mexico. Jennifer lived many years in Iowa with her husband Moises, and their two children. Iowa is where she attended college. Now a Presidental Candidate for the 2024 election,  running as an Independent, she started as a Democratic Candidate, but realized her views are more in line of an Independent.   Jennifer's passion for leadership started with her studies in Management and Organizational Leadership. It is there, where she quickly realized the chaotic state of the country, and realized the Nation's leaders are not operating in the fundamental truths of leadership. 

"I believe change starts with leadership. If our nation wants to see change, we must start moving in a brand-new direction. We cannot operate the way we always have, we must move forward. Right now, I believe we are at a crucial time in history. It's time for the difference makers to stand up and say, 'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!' There is too much work to be done in our nation to be wasting time on internal turmoil between Red and Blue. It's time to stand up for racial equality, it's time for Congress to work together. It's time to say goodbye to the old way of doing things. I have studied Organizational Leadership, Managment, and Broadcasting. I worked as a journalist during the entire Trump Presidency, the Covid-19 Pandemic, the death of George Floyd and the January 6th Insurrection. I understand the sensitivity of all of these matters.

When studying Organizational Leadership, one of the most important things they teach us, is to make sure we are revisiting our organization's processes to ensure they are still relevant. Parts of our government are growing stale because we are not revisiting the processes. It's time to evolve as our nation evolves. It's time for our government to work together! We are on Team United States of America. It's time to pass new immigration laws, it's time to take charge over our health and stop allowing big corporations to decide what we consume. It's time to stop racism at its very core! Don't you want a leader who is like the MAJORITY of Americans? Middle-working class? I know what it's like to need assistance, I know what it's like to start from the bottom and work my way up. I know what its like to face racism and stereotypes. 

It's time to LOVE, HEAL and RESTORE our nation!"

-Jennifer Astello 



Jennifer and Husband Moises

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